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A Very Special Time

Yesterday was a very special day. It was the anniversary of me coming into prison and also Sierra’s 16th birthday (my second born). Two years ago today my life changed forever. When I thought that everything was going great and the world was an open door, my life and everything around me came crashing down […]

Our Feast of Trumpets and Love

We had our Feast of Trumpets service last night and it was beautiful. We had seven people from our group there and I had everyone dress in our uniforms with a white t-shirt. They were each to bring a letter to the Lord that had both a deep heart request to Him as well as […]

The POWER of Pain

Faith is not meant for times of comfort and ease, when all is in our control and life is sweet. Faith proves its very essence at the times where you cannot stand because of the pain, when you have no idea which way to go, when the road seems so long you think you’ll never […]

Our Weekly Erev Shabbat Meal

Every Friday at 3 PM we have our weekly Erev Shabbat meal here. Everyone kind of pitches in and I make a meal with the help of brother Mike when he can. But today it was just me at the wheel, and I decided to make egg omelet tostadas. (They’re among the group’s favorites.) We’ve […]

Lesson #425

Lesson #425 here at Marion Camp: I can’t fix everyone, and I’m not the Holy Spirit. (Okay…I’m not exactly sure which number lesson this is, but it’s pretty high up there!) This is a hard one for me. Any of you out there a fixer? Me, too. I know how things are supposed to look […]


Today I felt a strong urge to fast the morning hours and really dig into prayer. Doing so resulted in a divine appointment that closed with a major God-wink. I finished praying at about 11:45 AM and was writing in my journal about the crazy amazing things that happened this last week, things I’ll get […]

A Public Hanging

Deuteronomy 21:22-23 There can be no doubt that a public hanging draws a crowd. In the old Wild West, the whole town came out to watch. There is just something about the shock and all about it all that causes us to turn our heads in that direction. This is exactly why the news is […]

Solving Conflict Before It Starts

One of the guys here wanted me to keep him accountable to stop smoking. He told a group of us that if we see him smoking to come up and say something. So, yesterday, I saw him smoking and decided to approach him and only say “what’s up?” My hope was that he would get […]

Crazy Total Eclipse Connections!

Most of you know certain parts of the United States will experience a major total solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017. It has been almost 40 years since this has happened in the country. Because I am in the #1 spot in the US to view it, I have compiled for my own personal records […]

28 Year Old Drug Dealer Gets Saved!

My name is Chadwin Burke. This is how I finally committed myself to Jesus Christ. It was a long road of pure wickedness before I found Him. Here is my story: My dad was in prison most of my life so I lived with my mother most of my life. I hated my dad because […]

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