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  • L.E.A.D. Training

What is the L.E.A.D. Training Program?

  • Do you want to lead your family spiritually but feel like you can never measure up?
  • Do you wish your family had more quality time together spiritually?

Then L.E.A.D. is for you! It stands for Lead, Encourage, Anoint, and Disciple. This program is designed to equip and empower family leaders to lead their families spiritually within their own homes.

Imagine your entire family getting together for a family bible study and all you have to do is to teach what you’ve been taught in your lesson! You don’t have to create the curriculum. You don’t have to study for endless hours when you don’t have enough time as it is. You just need to attend a zoom call each first and third Monday of the month (or watch the training afterward on your own time), download the free pdf that we will go through, and then teach it to your family!

  • Your family will develop more respect for you.
  • You will feel great that you are following God’s design for your family!

Watch the promo video to learn more!

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