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By partnering with us and sowing into the Kingdom through Passion For Truth, you will help others to embrace Kingdom Ways by providing the TRUTH of the Word, HOPE to the nations, and LOVE to heal all wounds.

Passion For Truth Ministries appreciates your desire to partner with us as we go forward in building the Kingdom of our God. We would not be able to reach around the world without your help, so thank you.

Here at Passion For Truth we have chosen NOT to be a 501 (c) 3 organization so we are not able to supply you with a tax-deductible receipt. If you request one, we can send you a receipt for your gift, but it will be marked ‘Not intended for tax purposes.’

Our desire is to be able to minister to the body as Yahweh has directed through His word, and to do that to the fullest extent possible we have chosen to not come under the government’s guidelines for a 501 (c) 3 status. We realize that this may deter some from giving. For those that choose to seed into this ministry or partner with us on a recurring basis we know it is because they believe in what we are doing and want to help us reach more people around the world.

Again, thank you for understanding our position on this and we pray that you are blessed through the resources of our ministry.

Open your bank app first and then scan bar code from app to give with ZELLE.

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If you need to CHANGE or CANCEL your recurring donation and have forgotten your password/username that you originally received – click this link to DONORBOX and follow the directions to reset your user information. This will allow you to change/cancel your donation.

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