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What Happened on 2/22!

What Happened on 2/22!

It started with deciding to fast on 2/21. I wanted to pray for everyone that was going to pray and fast for me on 2/22 since they were taking time out to pray for me. So by the time 2/22 came I was in my bunk ‪around 1 pm‬ and was just laying there and praying. I was very tired and started to nod off. When I woke up I had no idea how much time had passed so I hit the light on my alarm and it said ‪2:22 pm‬! The chances of that are almost impossible. I was blessed to know that He was with me and hearing my prayers. Little did I know that would only be the beginning.

From there I started to prepare my celebration meal that I had planned all week for our weekly Erev Shabbat service that we do ‪at 3 pm‬ every Friday. The problem was that no one was able to come because they were called into work. So I decided I would just go celebrate with the Lord by myself and enjoy a personal celebration with Him. I put my pizzas in the microwave and sat down and opened up my Bible. It fell open to 1 Chronicles 22 and so I naturally read verse 2. It said that King David had commissioned the aliens that lived in the land to cut newly, hewn stone for the building of the Temple of God. Immediately I heard the Spirit say that He had already commissioned those to work on my behalf to help rebuild my life. Starting my celebration off with another divine 222 was definitely a good feeling. But what would come next would blow me away.

Right after I finished that verse a friend of mine came in and saw me sitting there. He was all excited about something and asked me if he could show me something in my Bible. I said yes. But before I tell you what he said, you need to know that about a week or so earlier he was sitting at a table in the dorm, and all of the sudden one of the commercial, metal doors that secure the dorm just opened by itself and then shut by itself. This is impossible as the doors are security doors that swing outside and are electronically locked. It could not have been a wind because the wind would force them to shut even more, not to mention that the doors were locked, meaning that even if someone wanted to open them they wouldn’t be able to. The area outside of our dorm has been off-limits now for over 5 months. No one is allowed to even open those doors at any time without getting permission from the guard, which would require him to manually hit a button to electronically unlock them. So it was a truly impossible thing that happened and the several inmates that witnessed it were all freaked out at what they had just seen.

So when he came to me he was all excited because his devotion book for the day it had a verse that really spoke to him. So he grabbed my Bible and turned to Revelation chapter 3:7 and wanted me to read the portion on the Church of Philadelphia. I almost fell over. The scripture he wanted me to read was one of 3 verses in the whole Bible that are the most important to me. This scripture was a direct quote from Isaiah 22:22 which says, “And the key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulders and the door that he shall open no one shall shut and the door that he shall shut no one shall open.” On 2/22 of his devotional book was a commentary about God being the only one that holds the keys to opening and shutting doors and it quotes Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:7, which are 2 of my 222 life verses! (The first and foremost being 2 Tim. 2:2). He had no idea that it was 2/22 and how the Lord had been speaking to me already using 22 and 222. Nor did he know that I was specifically praying that the Father would give me a word this day that would speak directly to me. He had no idea that he was the person that the Father would use to bring me my word! And if that is not enough, as we were getting ready to leave, he realized that this was the 22nd day that he had been clean and sober! This former addict was experiencing God on a whole new level and he said he had never been so high in his life as right now…lol.

From there we went back to our dorm for count and then came back to the gym afterward because we couldn’t get enough of what ‪Abba‬ was doing. On the walk over there, my friend grabbed another friend and told him that he needed to come with us because “God’s moving.” I stopped to get my mail and noticed it was a book from a friend of mine. It was still in the package. As I began to explain to the new guy all that God was doing, right when I finished quoting Isaiah 22:22 he opened up my mail and pulled the book out. All of our mouths dropped at what we saw. The title of the book was “The Key of David” and the cover had a picture of a key on the shoulders of a man. It literally was a picture of Isaiah 22:22!! What? Was this really happening? Another Yah-wink and we all felt it. Then I remembered that the first book of this series had a picture of a key on it and an open door that was behind it with light shining through it, which is another picture of Isaiah 22:22. I just didn’t realize it at the time. So I asked my friend what day it was that he saw the door fly open and it was on the SAME DAY that I received that book with a picture of an open door on the front cover!

If that was where it stopped it would have been enough. I had experienced more 222’s, 22’s, and God-winks on this day than any other in recent history; but He wasn’t finished. When we went to prayer that night ‪at 9 pm‬, we all went around and shared what we were thankful for and stated any prayer requests that we might have. It went all the way around the circle and was normal like usual until it came to the guy sitting right next to me on my right. He asked if people could pray for his son who was in a basketball free-throw contest the next day. He said that they get 25 tries and he wanted prayer that his son would shoot 22 out of 25 free throws. I and my friends were like, “What?!” Where on earth did he get 22 from? Why not 25? It was another ‘wow’ moment. Then, if that wasn’t enough when everyone finished the leader said a closing prayer where in the middle of his prayer he said, “Father you are the key that can open any door that no one can shut and you can shut any door that no one can open.” I and my friend immediately looked up at each other in utter shock. This guy had just quoted Isaiah 22:22 in the closing prayer of the night right after the guy next to me said he wanted his son to hit 22 out of 25 free throws, after my friend showed me his devotional of the day that was on Revelation 3:7 which quotes Isaiah 22:22, while I get a book in the mail that is depicting Isaiah 22:22 on the front cover, right after I woke up at exactly ‪2:22 pm‬ that afternoon after I receive the first book from this same author who has a door opening on the front cover that was prophetically showing us what my friend experienced on the afternoon when the door mysteriously opened all by itself!

What a day it was! The Spirit showed up more times than we could count. He heard my prayer to give me a word directly from Him and to let me know that He is really moving on my behalf. And boy did He!

What amazes me about all of this, and how this all applies to all of us, is just how much He had to do in order to make all of those “coincidences” happen the way they did. Think about it. He had to inspire the author of that devotional years ago to talk about Isaiah 22:22 on the 2/22 devotional. He had to have my friend get excited about it after He set it all up by freakishly opening a door that was locked in our dorm. He had to inspire my friend to find me at just the exact time where I had my Bible out, had to have him be clean for 22 days, and on and on it goes. Did the guy in the prayer meeting randomly say 22 out of 25 free throws or was he influenced without him even knowing it? There was so many Matrix-type of “coincidences” that someone that is paying attention has to walk away saying to himself, “The Creator can truly move the hearts of men and move mountains at His will.”

Days and experiences like this reveal to all of us just how powerful and just how much He has EVERY SINGLE THING under His control. He can influence the thoughts, words, situations, and real objects at His will. There is simply not a single “door” that He cannot open or shut on command. So the next time you find yourself in a situation that is bleak and you start to doubt if He is really in control or doubt that He still can do miracles at His pleasure, remember this email. God can open doors for you before you finish blinking. He can move the hearts of men to even make them say things that they have no idea that they are even saying.

He still answers prayers my friends and on 2/22 He showed me just a little bit of His raw power of how much He is working behind the scenes, all of the time. Only on that day, He allowed me to see a little bit of how He does it. In other words, here is a deep thought that I’m taking away from all of this: I was only able to see all of these connections because it was 2/22 and there were so many 22’s back to back, which in turn allowed me to see all that it took to make all those “coincidences” take place. But if it had not been 2/22 and I had not been so many clear patterns, I would have seen nothing. This tells me that the Spirit is working behind the scenes every day and causing people to do things, influencing this and that and opening doors and shutting others, etc. We truly have no idea how much He is working on our behalf and how many prayers He is actually answering behind the scenes. He is real and He is moving in the unseen realm and He will come to the rescue to those that are trusting fully in Him. Don’t doubt the power and ability of the God that we serve. He has heard every prayer and is moving on your behalf right now. Trust and believe (Shema) and you will see a door open for you!

See you soon by faith!

Jim Staley

Jim Staley

About The Author
Jim’s life’s desire is to help believers everywhere draw closer to the Father by understanding the truth of the scriptures from their original cultural context (a Hebraic perspective) and to apply them in faith for today.

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