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Pathways of God’s Will

Pathways of God’s Will

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. –Robert E. Frost

This is a small portion from my favorite poem. The whole poem speaks volumes and has great depth to it. If you’ve never read it you should! Anyway, I’m going to get right to the point. When we are seeking for an answer or wondering where to go next, often there becomes more than one road rolled out in front of you. Maybe one path seems easier to take than the other. Perhaps both paths are the same and you come to the fork, pondering which one to take, knowing that they are the same path, but perhaps will lead to a different destination. This can become a very difficult situation; because then, in our minds we think, “Well, perhaps Yahweh destined me to walk down both paths.” Then again, how do we really know what His will is? Could His will for us be to proceed forward down both paths?

I believe that God allows us to choose between several paths because it gives us the opportunity to truly seek Him and rely on His promises rather than being afraid and not even taking a step. He graciously gives us the choice. In the instance where both paths seem to be of His will, perhaps one path is to be taken in the now, and the other is to be saved for His perfect timing. Because that is what ultimately matters, right? So, here we present another question. Why would He allow you to see both paths then? Why can’t He show you the one you are supposed to take now, and then show you the other one later?

The way I see it, it leaves room for discernment, and growth. There are many choices in life that you have to make as an adult. They are not always easy, and there will usually be an alternative solution in addition to the more practical solution. However, it is ultimately your choice to choose what’s best for you or your family at that time. We all know that God always chooses what’s best for us. If He just showed us one path to go down at that time, then it would be too easy. We would then just simply follow the leader, if you will. We will not be able to learn for ourselves how to make the right choice, of course with His guidance and help. We will deprive ourselves of growth!

If we can think wisely, discern courageously, and move forward boldly, He will guide the rest of the way. We need not to be afraid of which path to take. Whether they look the same, or whether they look different; always seek guidance before taking a step. You do not want to take the wrong step that will lead you down the wrong path. Stay focused. Many people walk down the same path, leading to the same destination. Don’t make that mistake. Take the road less traveled by. This road, my friends, will lead you to a place that perhaps you didn’t know existed. What looks dead, could lead to life. What looks promising and alive, could lead to decay and rotten roots. Choose wisely, pray unceasingly. Believe Yahweh’s will shall be done in your life. Don’t rely on Him to choose for you. Rely on what He’s presented before you and make the decision looking through His eyes. He clearly loves you enough to allow you to make the decision for yourself, being there as lean support of needed. The point is so that you will grow in whatever it is that you need to grow in, and so that you will take a step of faith and follow His lead.


Jim Staley

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