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Hanukkah eBook

Hanukkah eBook

The story of Hanukkah is not only a beautiful story of the redemption of the temple in Jerusalem from the ones who defiled it, but the parallels to the gospel are just as beautiful. After all, the enemy defiled our own temples and has left each of us without a way to be in the presence of or reflect the true light of God. Then Yeshua defeated the enemy of death and gave us the right to have a clean temple again for all those who believe in Him. And that is worthy of a celebration! Not to mention that this was the most likely time that Yeshua was actually conceived in his mother’s womb, where the true light of the world first came into the world!

Passion For Truth Ministries offers this Hanukkah e-book to help you as you learn about the Feast of Lights! This booklet offers helpful ideas on how your family can not only celebrate but learn the history and the spiritual applications that apply today.

Hope this e-book helps you as you celebrate the Festival of Lights!

Jim Staley

About The Author
Jim’s life’s desire is to help believers everywhere draw closer to the Father by understanding the truth of the scriptures from their original cultural context (a Hebraic perspective) and to apply them in faith for today.

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