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The Feast of Tabernacles Part 2

When Was Jesus Born? First of all, why is this even an important question? Well, how well would it go for you to celebrate your spouse’s birthday, or one of your kids’ birthdays, on a wrong day? Worse yet, what if you chose to celebrate your wife’s birthday on the same day as one of […]

The Feast of Tabernacles Part 3

The Water Libation Ceremony This ceremony is quite possibly one of the most powerful and incredibly prophetic ceremonies in all of biblical times: the water libation ceremony. It happened during the Feast of Sukkot and was unquestionably the most popular part of the week-long celebration. As a matter of fact, the ancient Jewish sages emphatically […]

The Feast of Tabernacles Part 4

The Light of the World The Feast of Sukkot, or Tabernacles, is known by and encompasses many different attributes. One of the most powerful and often overlooked attributes is the Feast’s connection to light. Light is one of those staple items that finds itself vital in both the natural and spiritual world. From day one […]

A Rabbi, a Muslim, and Me

What do you get when you put a Rabbi, a Muslim and a Messianic pastor in one place? The same thing you get when you put a lion, a tiger, and a bear in one cage with one piece of meat: the potential for a free-for-all wrestling match! That’s pretty much what’s happening around here.

And He Shall Direct Your Path

PARTNERING WITH GOD I know I have written several articles in the past with regard to following the Spirit and waiting on Him to move and so forth. But the Father is continuing to teach me about this in deeper and deeper ways, and I want to share with you what He revealed to me […]

“Cashing” in on God’s Grace

Here is a fantastic testimony of the power of God in an individual’s life that has been changed by the message of Torah. Within the first few weeks after I got here, there was a large black man named Cash that came up to me and got in my face, and began to tell me […]

Check Mate? Don’t Move!

What do you do when your back is up against the wall, you’re out of options, and you don’t know what to do? What do you do when you feel like one false move and you know you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the pit, surrounded by snakes and facing certain destruction? Why does […]

God Is My New Secretary

On February 17th, Blake, Kevin and I had an anointing ceremony that followed a three-day period of prayer and fasting. Ever since then there has definitely been a shift in the spiritual realm. It was like a graduation happened or something and we were now going to be putting into practice everything that we had […]

Why Can’t My Friends and Family Get it?

Great question. There is almost nothing more frustrating than coming into the full knowledge of what the Torah is and what a blessing it is to follow God and keep His commandments only to have your family shoot it, and you, down. You go from having a pretty good relationship to feeling like you now […]

Blinded by the Light

Close your eyes. Now think of a cabin in the woods. Visualize your family inside sitting on the couches. You walk in the door, wave at them, and say, “Hi.” Did you see it? How? You saw a real cabin with your family inside, right? How? What did you use inside your mind to picture […]
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