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Prison Passover Update 2016

I wanted to take a moment to say Happy Pesach to everyone. We’ve just started the beginning of the religious New Year and are enjoying the Feast of Unleavened Bread. While I may have celebrated Passover under much better conditions than those I had this year, I’ve discovered that the same Spirit that was present […]

The Unleavened Bread of Affliction

Why Unleavened Bread? Within the spring season of Passover lies the first significant week-long festival of the year. It’s called Unleavened Bread and it’s a seven-day feast with a high Sabbath on the first day and on the seventh. During this time, no one that calls the name of Yahweh their God is supposed to […]

Easter or Passover?

Should Christians celebrate Easter or Passover? Does it even matter? In this article, I’m going to let history and the Bible answer both of those questions. Once you have all the information, you can decide for yourself. If you’re a follower of the Way and a student of the Book, you should want to know […]

How to be Perfect

This week’s portion of scripture details the global catastrophe of Noah’s flood. There are so many lessons to be learned from this historical event that one could spend weeks just studying its powerful influence into all humanity. If you would like to follow along, the story is found in Genesis chapter six and following. So, […]

Did Jesus Really Die on a Friday?

For almost 1800 years now, one myth has been more promulgated more than any other: the idea of “Good Friday.” The idea that Christ died on a Friday and rose on Sunday goes as far back as the Catholic Church itself. In this article we’re going to uncover how this error came about, discover the […]

Suburbanitis Has Got to STOP

If there is one thing I’ve learned since I’ve been in prison it’s that people living in the suburbs going to suburban churches are so stuck in our suburban bubbles and mindset that the second something doesn’t go our way or someone comes into our bubble who doesn’t fit our suburban, elitist, all-about-me-and-my-profile attitude, we […]

Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Anti-Christ Part 1

Okay, I admit, it’s a strange title. How on earth could all three of those topics be connected? Well, as you are about to see, not only are they connected, they’re all related…blood related. Before we talk about Christmas, let’s talk about a holiday that is far less known to the Christian world but is […]

Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Anti-Christ Part 2

Part 2: When Was Jesus Actually Born? In Part 1 of this series, we went through the story of Hanukkah and unpacked the incredible heroism that arose from the pits of the Greco-pagan influence that almost wiped out the people of God two hundred years before Christ was born. We showed how this story truly […]

Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Anti-Christ Part 3

Part 3: The Christmas and Antichrist Connection THE CHRISTMAS CONNECTION Now that you know the story of Hanukkah, how it was celebrated in the first century by our Messiah, and how we’ve used it to discover when He was actually born, we can turn our attention to the Christmas part of this story and unveil […]

Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Anti-Christ Part 4

Hanukkah Traditions We’ve learned much in the first three parts of this series. We started in Part 1 with the historical account of Hanukkah and discovered the incredible story of how one man, with God’s help, stood up to evil, triumphed against all odds, and saved an entire people in the process. In Part 2 […]
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