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Release the Whirlwinds

Release the Whirlwinds

God has designed such a beautiful world, that we often take for granted. We often get too caught up with what we have going on, that we forget to take a deep breath and breathe in the fresh air that He so freely provides for us. It is man that has corrupted what God has created as perfection. But it is also man that has a choice to make a difference in this world to help change it back to how it was supposed to be.

What is your desire in life? Is it to be successful so that you can provide for your family and make your children happy? Is it to build a future for yourself so that you can get married and start a family? Sure, these are good things, but I believe that the world has had a misconception of how it truly needs to be. I believe that we have forgotten Who our Provider is. I believe we have forgotten Who and what needs to come first. What are your priorities? Perhaps you need a shift in your life to help straighten out the “whirlwinds” in life. So much comes and goes in life, and merely a pinch of us even stop to reflect on the effect that we’re living it.

Often it is the little things that seem to matter the most. If you are living your life to gain, you are not living at all. If you are living your life to give you are living to the fullest. We were born and called to live our life for our Heavenly Father, and to give back to Him. How can you do this? So we are back to the little things. For example, opening a door for a complete stranger, paying for someone’s meal, writing a “thinking of you” note, or merely just going out of your way to pour a little “substance” into someone’s life. That “substance” is the light of God. You are taking what God gave to YOU, and giving a piece of it to someone else. You are releasing those whirlwinds in your mind, heart, soul, and body, and taking a deep breath so that someone else can have a taste of God’s fullness.

When you take a step back and look at things in a completely different perspective than how you are used to seeing things, it’s like your perspective on life changes. You can begin to see the real meaning of why you are living. You begin to see the blessings that will pour back into your life by simply stepping back from this busy life, and being thankful for it. You realize that He has such a beautiful purpose for you. Learn to step out. Learn to be real. Learn to give. Learn to breathe.

Learn to let go.

Jim Staley

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