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Personal Growth

12 Steps to Finding the Peace of Christ in Your Relationships

The following are 12 steps that I sent to a friend of mine to help him with his marriage. The concepts behind the points come from many of the books that I have read since I have been here. I pray that these points will help you too!

How to Stop the Pain Now! Part 1

There are two kinds of pain: Physical pain and emotional pain. One deals with the body and the other deals with the mind. Everyone knows how to deal with physical pain, but dealing with psychological and emotional pain is something altogether different. Instead of writing one very long article on this topic, I will break […]

How to Stop the Pain Now! Part 2

In part 1 of this series we learned that most all of our pain originates in our mind with its perceptions of situations, people and things that come into our life. We unpacked the idea that our thoughts cause most of the pain that we experience and that we do indeed need to do what […]

How to Stop the Pain Now! Part 3

In the first two parts of this series we learned that most of the pain we experience in life is due to our own minds and the perceptions we experience through them. Then we learned that as new creations in Christ, we are no longer slaves to what our carnal minds want to think and […]

How to Stop the Pain Now! Part 4

At this point in our journey we’ve learned that many times, pain is induced by our own minds and really doesn’t come from others at all. It’s all about how we perceive our situations and the things that happen to us rather than the situations themselves being the root of all pain. We then learned […]

How to Stop the Pain Now! Part 5: The Power to Truly Forgive

True forgiveness. What does that really look like? What does it feel like? Can I say that I forgive someone but deep down not really forgive them? In this article, we’re going to tie together many of the concepts in this series and uncover why it’s so difficult to forgive and why most people are […]

Making Lemonade From A Softball

I learned something yesterday in the softball game that has really rocked my world. I’m the coach, and for some reason, I’ve had a tough time getting some of the guys to play their positions correctly, bat correctly, etc. I grew up playing baseball even into high school as well as on traveling teams. But […]

A Very Special Time

Yesterday was a very special day. It was the anniversary of my coming into prison and also Sierra’s 16th birthday (my second born). Two years ago today my life changed forever. When I thought that everything was going great and the world was an open door, my life and everything around me came crashing down […]

Our Weekly Erev Shabbat Meal

Every Friday at 3 PM we have our weekly Erev Shabbat meal here. Everyone kind of pitches in and I make a meal with the help of brother Mike when he can. But today it was just me at the wheel, and I decided to make egg omelet tostadas. (They’re among the group’s favorites.) We’ve […]

Five Days Of Encouragement – Day 1

I have recently discovered some older writings from my journal that I wrote several years ago, and they have never been shared, so I thought I’d create several days’ worth of encouragement for those that may need it. Even if you don’t necessarily “need” it, in my humble opinion, everyone needs encouragement! Let’s begin with […]

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