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  • LIVE! with Jim and Cheryl Staley on the Asbury

    LIVE! with Jim and Cheryl Staley on the Asbury "Revival"

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    Join Jim and Cheryl Staley as they unpack what real revival is and how to know when it is real or not. How do we know and discern when something is truly a move from God or a move from the enemy? These questions and many more are answered in this very special live broadcast. Jim also gets very real at one point about his own past and hurt and how God is reviving him in a very deep and supernatural way which started at a conference aimed at spiritual gifts. Don’t miss this broadcast!

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  • 2/22 All-Day Podcast with Various Speakers!

    2/22 All-Day Podcast with Various Speakers!

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    On 2-22-22 at 2:22 pm CST, Jim Staley was LIVE with various speakers! It was a great time as Jim interviewed gifted and anointed men and women who are determined to bring the body together and work in unity!
    Speakers included: Rollyn Betts - Hebrew Nation Radio, Cheryl Staley, Brian Serrano-Messiah Texas, Dr. RJ Jackson-Light Among Peers, Hannah & Daniel Karalash on Courtship, Nathan Harmon-Your Life Speaks on Suicide, Chris Franke-Lion & Lamb Ministries, Kevin Jessip-Global Return Conference, Warren Marcus-Creator of Super Book, Rafael Ortega-Outfielder of Chicago Cubs and Moises Terrones-Hispanic Hebrew Rap Artist.

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  • It's Time To Get On The Track!

    It's Time To Get On The Track!

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    Jim Staley goes live after being woken up by the Lord and just shares his heart--raw and unfiltered. Please consider partnering with us and paying it forward to others by donating at or texting PayitForward to 801801

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LIVE "Bridge the Gap"

  • Bridge the Gap - Full Live Video

    Bridge the Gap - Full Live Video

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    Spirit is breaking out! You gotta hear this! There was a tremendous outpouring of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) during a 2 1/2 day conference in Ava, MO in May of 2022 as a group of leaders came together to help supply the tools needed to bridge the gap and reach their community. The purpose of this event was to teach others to become more effective in helping every person become interested in the biblical truth and learn how to convey that to friends and family. God is taking believers deeper into His word and bringing us back to the patterns and rhythms of His heart. These 'tent' meetings encourage and help in many areas of growth. There are many roads that lead to Rome, but this road leads to Jerusalem!

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  • Bridge the Gap - Pt 1

    Bridge the Gap - Pt 1

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    This man wanted for his entire life just to hear God's voice. He got tired of hearing how others have heard His voice and he wanted what they had. So in a tent meeting in Ava, Mo he asked the Father to allow him the gift of speaking in tongues. It wasn't weird. It wasn't out of order. The Spirit chose to give him this gift and immediately as he began to speak in this heavenly language, he heard an audible voice speak to him. And what YHWH said to him was amazing!

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  • Bridge the Gap - Pt 2

    Bridge the Gap - Pt 2

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    The Spirit moved so mightily in Ava, Mo on May 21, 2022 that Pastor Jim felt led to walk out of the tent and do a live facebook video to share what the Spirit was doing. After prophesying what he feels the Spirit is about to do in this movement, he explains in greater detail what the gift of tongues is, what it is not, and how to receive it. It's balanced, powerful and inspiring. He will be coming out with a full teaching on this subject soon!

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  • Bridge the Gap - Pt 3

    Bridge the Gap - Pt 3

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    Ever had to deal with a child who wants to do things there own way? This short prophetic message will encourage you to keep the mind of the Spirit throughout the process.

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  • Bridge the Gap - Pt 4

    Bridge the Gap - Pt 4

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    In this short video, the Spirit unpacks a powerful message on how the truth without the Spirit is no truth at all. Then, Jim Staley prophetically touches on the gift of tongues and how it fits into the whole equation. A must see!

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  • Bridge the Gap - Pt 5

    Bridge the Gap - Pt 5

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    Pastor Jim Staley continues this short prophetic message on the gift of tongues that was given at the Bridge the Gap event in Ava, Mo on May 21, 2022.

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  • Do You Have The Suspension Of The Holy Spirit

    Do You Have The Suspension Of The Holy Spirit

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    Are you riding with the suspension of the Holy Spirit? At Sukkot this year I met a guy named Troy that took me on a ride through the woods on his big Texas side-by-side that had a such great suspension that we could not even feel the giant rocks and ruts that were in our way. It reminded me of how smooth life can be when we are riding with the suspension of the Spirit. So, I thought I would make a fun video to demonstrate my point! Filmed October 12, 2022

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