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  • Prophetic Power of Passover

    Prophetic Power of Passover

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    Discover the POWER of Passover like never before during the opening night from our live conference, "Passion For Passover," with Pastor Jim Staley. Prepare to uncover the profound prophetic connections embedded within this ancient feast and our Messiah Yeshua. From the Exodus to the Last Supper, discover how every element of Passover holds a rich tapestry of meaning that transcends time and connects events that will be reflected in God’s Salvation plan for mankind!

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  • Discoveries from Israel

    Discoveries from Israel

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    Step into the captivating world of archaeology with Eli Shukron, a distinguished figure in the realm of Israeli archaeology, as he unveils the treasures of his illustrious 20-year career. Renowned for his expertise and dedication, Shukron's archaeological endeavors have unearthed some of the most awe-inspiring discoveries, offering glimpses into ancient Biblical stories and unlocking the mysteries buried beneath layers of time!

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  • Passover Demonstration 2024

    Passover Demonstration 2024

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    Gather around the table for a transformative Passover Seder demonstration by Jim Staley, where the ancient traditions of the festival converge with profound spiritual insights, enriching the lives of families in ways they never imagined. Through engaging storytelling and thoughtful reflection, the demonstration highlights how Jesus (Yeshua), the ultimate Passover Lamb, fulfilled the ancient prophecies and ushered in a new covenant of salvation and freedom. His life, death, and resurrection take on new meaning as participants connect the dots between the Old Testament foreshadowings and the New Testament fulfillment!

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  • Past Prison and Prophecy

    Past Prison and Prophecy

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    Don't miss this exclusive interview with Jim Staley conducted by Jennifer Bagnaschi, where Jim opens up about his personal testimony, including his past experiences, and dives deep into profound discussions about Bible prophecy, the significance of the solar eclipse occurring on April 8th, 2024, and the alignment of times and seasons with the word of the Lord. Jim Staley's insights are sure to leave you wanting to know more and inspired as he connects the dots between scripture and real-world events, highlighting the fulfillment of prophecy. Whether you're a believer doing Bible things in Bible ways or just beginning your spiritual journey, this interview offers valuable perspectives on faith and understanding.

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  • No Pain No Gain

    No Pain No Gain

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    Discover the formula for how to truly get to the next level in your spiritual life. Watch as Pastor Jim Staley unpacks one of the most impactful messages of the year. You will never look at music and the number 8 the same again as he shows the hidden significance of the number 8 in scripture and how it relates to the musical scale. And then how the musical scale reveals to us how to actually overcome the trials in life and get to the next level! Taken from the Torah Portion "Sh'mini" (the Hebrew word for "eighth"). Published on Mar 26, 2014

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  • You Should Be Concerned!

    You Should Be Concerned!

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    The *CERN* Hadron Collider will be fired up on April 8th in an effort to create dark matter and discover the history of the universe… *NASA* is sending up three rocket ships during the solar eclipse with a mission named after the Egyptian serpent deity, APEP (the god of chaos), who is the nemesis of the solar god Ra. Ironically and incredibly, NASA and CERN both chose to represent their missions with the god of chaos! From schools being closed to state officials recommending people stock up on essentials and a repeat of virtually the *EXACT* conditions that set off the largest earthquake in the history of the continental United States back in 1811, you do *NOT* want to miss this broadcast! Is prophecy coming true right before our eyes? Is the second seal of Revelation about to be released? We will discuss all of that and more in this broadcast!

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  • 2024 Solar Eclipse and Prophecy

    2024 Solar Eclipse and Prophecy

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    This solar eclipse could be THE SOLAR ECLIPSE that unleashes one of the seals of Revelation. I wasn’t a believer at first, but after hundreds of hours of research, I am literally in awe of all the “coincidences.” DO NOT miss this, whatever you do! Along with dozens of INCREDIBLE CONNECTIONS and patterns, I will also be revealing a MAJOR PROPHETIC CONNECTION of how the eclipses of 2017 and 2024 tell us EXACTLY where the Gog/Magog war will start and WHEN the temple sacrifices will begin. When this happens, it will start the time clock for the revealing of the Antichrist! I have truly been in shock as to the mathematical impossibility of all the events that I will be showing you, all happening at the same time! I will be detailing the prophetic implications of how the last 4 sets of blood-red tetrads that land on biblical holidays coincide with world-changing events and how they have set the stage for this monumental “X-marks-the-spot” moment on April 8, 2024. If you’re like me, your heart will be pounding at the end of this video. It’s time for the Church to WAKE UP and start returning to doing Bible things in Bible ways before it’s too late! If there was EVER a time to pay attention, the time is NOW.

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  • Introduction to 2024 Eclipse

    Introduction to 2024 Eclipse

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    The *2024 eclipse* is upon us, and we *NEED TO UNDERSTAND* the prophetic implications! ….Join Pastor Jim Staley as he presents need-to-know introductory comments on the coming solar eclipse and what it may imply for believers in Messiah today. He will be answering all your questions in a live-stream format. This week’s broadcast will serve as a precursor to a much more in-depth documentary to follow on Saturday, March 16th, that will leave you awestruck as to what the Father is doing in the Heavens. You don’t want to miss EITHER of these special broadcasts, as we could very well be standing on the cusp of history, and quite possibly the beginning of the end of days…

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  • How to Enter Holy of Holies

    How to Enter Holy of Holies

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    Is it your desire to have perfect peace in your life? How do we get into the Holy of Holies with God to experience that shalom? In this teaching you will learn the formula that the ancient Levitical priests understood when they wanted to enter into His presence. When God told Moses how to build His house, it was also a formula for how to build our own temples. You will be amazed as Pastor Jim goes through each item of the tabernacle and breaks it down to reveal these ancient secrets that will lead you to success in virtually every area of your life!

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  • Torah Portion Vayakhel/Pekudei

    Torah Portion Vayakhel/Pekudei

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    Pastor Jim Staley teaches on this week's Torah portion (Vayak'hel/Pekudei). As he explains the various ways words were changed in translations we see that assemblies, congregations, and ekklesia are all intertwined and the same throughout the entire Bible. The meaning of the word 'church' needs closer examination. Published Mar 12, 2013.

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Passover Seder Guide

What is the Seder? The Passover Seder is one of the seven ordained feasts that are described in Leviticus 23 and have been given to all of God’s people. It includes the retelling of the story of Israel and the mixed multitude coming out of slavery from Egypt. It includes not only the retelling (Haggadah) […]

No Mixing

NO MIXING! Have you ever had freshly squeezed sweet lemonade or a homemade glass of sweet tea? It certainly doesn’t get much better when quenching your thirst on a hot day, that’s for sure. The combination of sugar and tea or sugar and lemons is always a good thing. On the other hand, have you […]

Seven Feasts of the Lord

If you are a believer in the Messiah, then we are instructed to keep His Commandments if we love him. 1 John 5:2-3 says, “By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and keep His commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. […]

Hanukkah eBook

The story of Hanukkah is not only a beautiful story of the redemption of the temple in Jerusalem from the ones who defiled it, but the parallels to the gospel are just as beautiful. After all, the enemy defiled our own temples and has left each of us without a way to be in the […]

L.E.A.D. - Faith and Doubt

L.E.A.D. – FAITH AND DOUBT We are instructed frequently throughout the Scriptures that we must have faith and also that we must challenge any doubt in our lives contrary to that faith, as it will end up damaging our relationship with our Father God. It is one thing to say that we have faith or […]


Let Your ‘Yes’ Be ‘Yes’: The Third Commandment Revealed Integrity in the things we say, the promises or oaths we make, and the actions that we display to others is such a fundamental part of our witness, so central a focus in the life of one of God’s people, that it is directly linked to […]

L.E.A.D. - A Talking Donkey

The Doctrine of Balaam The story of Balaam in the Torah is, in many ways, a shocking digression from what had come before (Numbers 22-24). It is the first time that the action of the story comes away from the nation of Israel itself to reveal an event that, at the time, the people of […]

L.E.A.D. - Let The Healing Begin

Let The Healing Begin We not only struggle against the evil and darkness of the world but also against things in our lives and pasts that hold us back from righteousness, such as trauma, depression, emotional wounds, bad relationships, and the consequences of our actions. If we don’t seek freedom from these things, we will […]

L.E.A.D. - A Different Spirit

Leadership With A Different Spirit One of the most significant issues the community of God can face today is its members relinquishing their God-given responsibilities and trying to put authority or obligations of ministry and leadership on a single person or small group of people. Originally every firstborn of Israel was to be part of […]

L.E.A.D. - Kingdom Gospel

The Gospel of the Kingdom The word ‘gospel’ is found ninety-three times in the Bible, all in the New Testament, and means ‘good news. In Greek, the term is ‘euangelion’ (Strong’s, G2098), which is also the root of related words in English like ‘evangelist’ and ‘evangelical.’ We know that the Gospel, ‘the Good News, is […]
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