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    AMA - Halloween Edition

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    With Christians all over the world celebrating Halloween, it's time that we get to the bottom of this debate. Should Christians celebrate any form of Halloween? In this Ask Me Anything (AMA) program, I will be answering any and all questions on this topic. Oct. 29, 2022

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  • Passion Points - The Process of Maturity

    Passion Points - The Process of Maturity

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    Passion Points - The process of maturity

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  • Passion Points - Bringing A Sacrifice of Praise

    Passion Points - Bringing A Sacrifice of Praise

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    Passion Points - Bringing the Sacrifice of Praise

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  • Passion Points - Weightier Matters

    Passion Points - Weightier Matters

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    Passion Points - The weightier matters

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  • Passion Points - Learn to Discern

    Passion Points - Learn to Discern

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    Passion Points - The maturity needed for discernment

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  • Passion Points - How Can God Make His Own Way Straight?

    Passion Points - How Can God Make His Own Way Straight?

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    This excerpt is from Pastor Jim Staley’s teaching “When God Leads, we Move to our Knees!”

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  • Passion Points - The Real Temple Is Here

    Passion Points - The Real Temple Is Here

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    Many believers have been alerted to the possibility of construction commencing on the third temple in Jerusalem, but is this what God really wants? In this short clip from "The Beginning of the End", Jim Staley reveals where the true dwelling place of God is for the body of Messiah today.

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  • Do You Have The Suspension Of The Holy Spirit

    Do You Have The Suspension Of The Holy Spirit

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    Are you riding with the suspension of the Holy Spirit? At Sukkot this year I met a guy named Troy that took me on a ride through the woods on his big Texas side-by-side that had a such great suspension that we could not even feel the giant rocks and ruts that were in our way. It reminded me of how smooth life can be when we are riding with the suspension of the Spirit. So, I thought I would make a fun video to demonstrate my point! Filmed October 12, 2022

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  • The REAL meaning of the 6th Commandment

    The REAL meaning of the 6th Commandment

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    After uncovering the true meaning of the first five commandments, Jim Staley dives into the Hebraic culture, context, and language that makes up the sixth commandment. In this teaching, Jim not only uncovers the real meaning of the sixth commandment, but reveals the power of the frequency of our words through scientific discovery, and how they affect the very DNA of our souls. Share this teaching if it blesses you!

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  • The Beginning of the End

    The Beginning of the End

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    The RED HEIFER and the END OF THE WORLD For 2000 years Christians have been waiting for the return of Christ. For 2000 years the Jewish people have been waiting for the moment they can start sacrificing again. And there is one single event that must take place first in order for both to come true: the sacrificing of a pure red heifer. In order for the antichrist to stop the daily sacrifice, which is the event that begins the Great Tribulation, the sacrificial system must begin first. In an order for the sacrificial system to begin, there first must be a sacrifice of a pure red heifer. For the very first time in over 2000 years the perfect red heifer has been found, and the Jewish rabbis in Israel are preparing these red heifers to be sacrificed. This teaching is a MUST-SEE for every believer, as this prophetic event puts us one step closer to the end of the world and to the final return of the Messiah.

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L.E.A.D. - Faith and Doubt

L.E.A.D. – FAITH AND DOUBT We are instructed frequently throughout the Scriptures that we must have faith and also that we must challenge any doubt in our lives contrary to that faith, as it will end up damaging our relationship with our Father God. It is one thing to say that we have faith or […]


Let Your ‘Yes’ Be ‘Yes’: The Third Commandment Revealed Integrity in the things we say, the promises or oaths we make, and the actions that we display to others is such a fundamental part of our witness, so central a focus in the life of one of God’s people, that it is directly linked to […]

L.E.A.D. - A Talking Donkey

The Doctrine of Balaam The story of Balaam in the Torah is, in many ways, a shocking digression from what had come before (Numbers 22-24). It is the first time that the action of the story comes away from the nation of Israel itself to reveal an event that, at the time, the people of […]

L.E.A.D. - Let The Healing Begin

Let The Healing Begin We not only struggle against the evil and darkness of the world but also against things in our lives and pasts that hold us back from righteousness, such as trauma, depression, emotional wounds, bad relationships, and the consequences of our actions. If we don’t seek freedom from these things, we will […]

L.E.A.D. - A Different Spirit

Leadership With A Different Spirit One of the most significant issues the community of God can face today is its members relinquishing their God-given responsibilities and trying to put authority or obligations of ministry and leadership on a single person or small group of people. Originally every firstborn of Israel was to be part of […]

L.E.A.D. - Kingdom Gospel

The Gospel of the Kingdom The word ‘gospel’ is found ninety-three times in the Bible, all in the New Testament, and means ‘good news. In Greek, the term is ‘euangelion’ (Strong’s, G2098), which is also the root of related words in English like ‘evangelist’ and ‘evangelical.’ We know that the Gospel, ‘the Good News, is […]

L.E.A.D. - Are You Patient

The Power of Patience Loving others is a significant part of what it means to be an apostle of God’s Kingdom (Leviticus 19:9-18, Mark 12:28-34, John 13:34, 1 Peter 4:7-10), so we must try to follow our Father’s guidance and instructions for how to strengthen the bonds of love that tie us together as people. […]

L.E.A.D. - What's In Your Sacrifice?

What’s In Your Sacrifice? There are five main types of sacrifice in the Torah, each one serving a specific purpose: the burnt offering (olah); the meal offering (terumah); the peace offering (shalom); the sin offering (hatat), and the trespass offering (asam). We do not practice these sacrifices today as they are written in the Scriptures […]

L.E.A.D.- Bread to Power

Passover Bread to Pentecost Power The spiritual journey from Passover to Shavuot (or Pentecost as it’s also known) can, quite amazingly, be compared to the process of making bread. This is not only because the instructions given for these appointed times in scripture are centered around the baking of specific types of bread, but even […]

L.E.A.D. - The Cleansing of the Leper

The Cleansing of the Leper Reveals the Gospel To be in communion with God and for Him to dwell with us, being saved, or simply believing in Him is just not enough (James 2:19); there must be a state of cleanness and spiritual purity for the Holy Spirit to reside in us. Many of the […]

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