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Our History


Passion for Truth Ministries started out as a “First-Century Bible Study” — at least that’s how it was described on the yard signs! Jim Staley and his family wanted to get a core group of believers together every week to do in-depth Bible study as God was leading them back to the Christian Roots of their faith. So they drove around town and put up several yard signs to advertise. On the first night, a handful of people showed up at their home. Those people became the beginning of Passion for Truth Ministries.


Our group met every week and studied the Scriptures for hours upon hours. We covered various topics including the validity of Torah (Law of Moses) in the life of the follower of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Many of us experienced a “paradigm shift” in our theology as we learned that some of our beliefs needed to be looked at a second time. It was almost like a whole new world opened to us as we were challenged over and over again to interpret the Scriptures from the perspective of the Biblical authors — their culture, language, and historical backdrop — rather than from our western, 21st century, denominational backgrounds. Our extensive Bible studies on these topics led us to conclude that there were indeed many things that we had believed that just were not lining up with what the scriptures were actually saying. It seemed that man had veered quite a long way from what the early disciples taught and lived.


Our group continued to grow week after week, and Pastor Jim even started recording his messages and live-streaming our Bible studies on the Internet at the request of out-of-town family members. As we learned more of God’s Word and applied it to our lives, we wanted to reach out to our community, as well. So we put on various outreach events to share the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) and His Torah with everyone who would listen. The Father used events like our Passover Seders, national conferences with the some of the world’s top Christian and Hebraic teachers, and a fourth of July celebration called “Freedom Fair”. Through those events, the Father blessed us with being able to meet so many others who shared the same passion for studying His Word, getting past the traditions and doctrines of men, and getting back to the Christian Roots of our faith.


As more and more people started to attend the Bible study regularly, it became clear that it was time to move out of the Staley’s basement and find a place big enough to hold everyone. In the beginning, we never anticipated that our small Bible study would turn into an actual congregation. Nevertheless, we knew that this was the direction the Father wanted us to pursue. So we rented a small building and began holding services every week as the Father began to knit a new community together.


It wasn’t long before it was clear that our first building wasn’t meeting our needs. We prayed and asked Abba to provide, and it was soon thereafter that He opened the door for us to rent a building owned by a local Baptist Church. It was such an incredible blessing to us. Among other things, it was big enough to allow us room to dance and wave flags! We were able to purchase the building in October of 2012, and it is where we are blessed to meet today. It became very clear at this time that the Father wanted us to pursue a balanced walk. We had had a heavy emphasis on knowing and teaching the Truth of God’s Word. And though we still do, we learned that walking in the Spirit is just as important. After all, His Word says that He is only looking for those who worship in both spirit AND truth (John 4:24). So Abba called more leaders within PFTF to operate in their ministry roles, our prayer ministry was formed, and we corporately pursued The Father by pressing in to worship like never before!


The focus of our ministry now is to study and teach God’s Word, to spread the Gospel of Yeshua and His Torah, and to encourage our local Mishpacha (family) to grow in their Spiritual gifts so that The Father can use them for His glory! On top of all of the lessons He has already taught us, we learned the importance of community and family within the local congregation. When PFT began to be formed back in 2007, we never thought we would be here today. It honestly wasn’t even what we had in mind at that time! We didn’t have a clue about how to “plant a church” or anything like that. Nevertheless, we’re here by Abba’s grace and divine power. He has been so good to us, and it has been a blessing and privilege to have a Mishpacha — a growing congregation of God’s people — to worship, grow, and spread the Gospel with. Never did we imagine that we would be broadcasting to thousands each week in multiple languages all over the world and seeing countless miracles, healings, and restored families and relationships. God has given us a call and a mission to be a light to the nations…and that starts with one family at a time.

Our history is really “His Story”: one that continues to unfold right before our eyes. We are excited for what His future brings!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us here at PFT. We look forward to learning more about you soon!

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