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  • Jim’s Biography


Pastor Jim Staley has been married to Cheryl Staley since 1996 and is the proud father of six daughters and three grandchildren. He began his journey as an evangelical Christian in the St. Louis area helping to establish bible clubs in local high schools and taught local believers apologetics in how to defend their faith.

In 2002, Jim underwent an extraordinary supernatural experience that would lead him to understanding the Bible from the author’s original, Hebraic mindset. This new understanding would revolutionize his life in how to properly interpret the biblical text. Since founding Passion for Truth Ministries in 2008, he has devoted himself to sharing these life-changing, biblical insights with others around the globe. His journey started from modest beginnings in his basement in 2007, which led to a 55,000 square foot building, overseeing 22 employees and a livestream watched by over 10,000 individuals a week. This hyper-growth reflected not only his passion, but just how zealous believers from around the world were to hear about this fresh, new Hebraic understanding of the Scriptures.

However, his trajectory took an unexpected turn when the financial planning company he worked for, before he was in full-time ministry, led him down a path to losing everything. After the largest stock market crash in history in 2008, the state of Missouri did an investigation and cleared him of any criminal activity. But four years later, the Feds (who did not communicate with the state of Missouri) chose to indict Pastor Jim, believing instead that he created the product and intentionally set out to defraud his clients. Although only a salesman, he was the only one targeted in the entire company. This ordeal forced him into a five-year period of imprisonment, starting in 2015. Although he and his family went through the most difficult time of their lives, God was faithful through it all, and the call on their lives was only amplified.

The new “higher learning facility” (prison) would be just the place that would be used to remake, remold, and release a new, fresh wind in Jim that is very tangibly felt today. Remarkably, due to a shared faith, Jim and his former federal judge share a unique friendship post-prison and from time to time still go out to lunch to debrief on what God has been doing in Jim’s life and ministry.

Despite the adversity he faced, Pastor Staley’s faith has only deepened, amplifying his dedication to serving the body of Christ and uniquely equipping him in ways that would have otherwise been impossible. He specializes in breaking down the Old Testament Hebrew scriptures and how they connect to New Testament concepts in a way that’s easy for the masses to understand.

While holding a Master’s in Theology he is currently working on four different books and is actively pursuing a Ph.D. while directing Passion for Truth Ministries through his live broadcast each week on social media. Pastor Staley’s expertise primarily stems from intensive self-study of biblical culture, fearlessly exploring areas often overlooked by academia and challenging the long-standing traditions and doctrines of men. His teachings have been translated into numerous languages worldwide and have garnered attention on various Christian television and radio networks. His overarching objective remains steadfast: to empower believers to realize their full potential in Christ by reconnecting with the genuine Christian roots of their faith. His ultimate desire is to see the Acts chapter 2 power of God displayed again in the body of Messiah. He believes this will happen as God’s people begin to let go of the traditions and doctrines of men and choose to do Bible things in Bible ways.

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