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Category: How To

How to Enter Holy of Holies

Is it your desire to have perfect peace in your life? How do we get into the Holy of Holies with God to experience that shalom? In this teaching you will learn the formula that the ancient Levitical priests understood when they wanted to enter into...

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How to Enter God’s Presence

How do I get into the presence of God? That question has been asked by countless people from every tribe and tongue and from every generation throughout time. For modern Christians, if we feel good in a worship service we say that we were in the presence...

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What is a Covenant Sacrifice?

Do you know what it means to be in covenant? Do you know what the first requirement is by God in order to be in covenant? In this teaching you will learn the real truth of what it takes to begin a covenant with both God and with others. Understanding...

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The Power of Intention & New Birth

Today, Pastor Jim dives into the book of Exodus and unveils where new birth really comes from BEING INTENTIONAL! In this week’s Torah portion, Shemot (Exodus), we begin to take a turn in the story of the Israelites toward the beginning of their freedom....

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Transform Your Home!

Join us for an empowering journey on our next teaching: “L.E.A.D. The Way: Transform Your Family Through Family Church.” Pastor Jim passionately explores the significance of bringing church into your home, shedding light on why it’s...

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Teshuvah Will Fix Every Relationship

What Is REAL Repentance? – understanding the power behind the Hebrew word Teshuvah What is Teshuvah? What is real repentance? Let’s look at it from the original Hebrew perspective and how can it truly impact your relationships with both...

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Tear Down The High Places

It’s time to tear down the high places in our lives. It’s time that we stop settling for a second best, and start pursuing His best. Are you tired of struggling with the same old sins? It just might be because you are visiting the high places. In this...

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