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Category: How To

Transform Your Home!

Join us for an empowering journey on our next teaching: “L.E.A.D. The Way: Transform Your Family Through Family Church.” Pastor Jim passionately explores the significance of bringing church into your home, shedding light on why it’s...

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Teshuvah Will Fix Every Relationship

What Is REAL Repentance? – understanding the power behind the Hebrew word Teshuvah What is Teshuvah? What is real repentance? Let’s look at it from the original Hebrew perspective and how can it truly impact your relationships with both...

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Tear Down The High Places

It’s time to tear down the high places in our lives. It’s time that we stop settling for a second best, and start pursuing His best. Are you tired of struggling with the same old sins? It just might be because you are visiting the high places. In this...

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Are The Feasts Only For Jews?

Who are the Feasts Really for? Are you curious about the Feast Days of the Lord, but always assumed they were only relevant to Jews? Think again! In this enlightening video, we explore the rich history and significance of the Feast Days of the Lord...

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The Power Of The Third Day

Why did the Messiah have to raise from the dead on the third day? Why not the first, second, or fourth day? In this teaching, we will explore the incredible depth of all the scriptures that surround this topic. In the process, we will discover the...

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The Truth About Tongues

Did you know that the Dead Sea Scrolls talk about the same tongues of fire that are mentioned in Acts chapter 2? Did you know that Enoch and Philo mention them as well? If you’ve ever wondered whether or not the gift of tongues is for today, then this...

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The Gift of Tongues and the High Priest

What do the High Priest, the book of Enoch, and the first-century historian Philo all have in common? Tongues of fire! In this short teaching, taken from the full teaching below, you will discover the true history behind the gift of tongues! Full teaching...

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