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Category: How To

Where Did The Name “Jesus” Come From

Pastor Jim goes through linguistic history and shows where the name “Jesus” came from. Starting with the original Hebrew, then going through the Greek and ending with the English. This teaching dispels any and all myths revolving around the English...

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New to Christian Roots?

There is an awakening happening in Christianity today; there is a heart’s desire among God’s people to return to our roots and to discover where we come from, who our Father really is, and our true identity in the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). “Christian...

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The Covenant Between The Shoulders

Jim Staley unpacks how the ancient city of Shechem points to how we can all exemplify the true image of God. What is your spiritual goal in life? What are you trying to accomplish? While millions of believers start to come back into a deeper covenant...

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How To Get Your Prayers Heard

Pastor Jim Staley teaches on fasting and prayer. As Christians, we want to get back to the roots of our Faith. We want to get back to how Yeshua (Jesus) and the apostles lived and taught. That’s what this movement is all about!

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If My People

How many times have you heard the statement, “It’s not about religion, it’s about a personal relationship?” Did you know that that statement is almost unbiblical? Our walk with The Father is definitely a relationship; however, it’s not a “personal”...

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How To Share Your Christian Roots

In Part Two of his “How to Share” series, Pastor Jim Staley focuses on how to share with friends and family about your Christian Roots. Many people who are connecting to the Roots of their Christian faith have very little success explaining their new-found...

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How To Share Your Faith

Pastor Jim Staley teaches on evangelism. Get your notebooks out, this lesson is PACKED with information! Have you ever wanted to be a better witness? Evangelism is simply a matter of sharing the faith and hope you have in Yeshua (Jesus). People constantly...

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