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Category: FAQ

Valentine’s Day on Trial

Should Christians celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is it really about love? Where does Cupid come from, and why is a false god part of a feast celebrated by Christians? How is it connected to the animal sacrifice rituals of ancient Rome, and why did...

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Is it a Sin to Curse?

Is it a Sin to Curse? Can Christians Cuss? Discovering the Power of Your Words – Jim Staley Is it a sin to curse as a Christian? Is it wrong to cuss? In this provocative teaching, Jim Staley pulls out the scriptures and walks through the Bible...

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The Prophetic Call of Manasseh

Jim Staley brings forth a POWERFUL and prophetic connection of how Manasseh and Ephraim relate to the End Days Revival. Understanding the REAL reason why Jacob crossed his hands when he blessed the two sons of Joseph and how that blessing is still...

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The Power Of The Third Day

Why did the Messiah have to raise from the dead on the third day? Why not the first, second, or fourth day? In this teaching, we will explore the incredible depth of all the scriptures that surround this topic. In the process, we will discover the...

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The Truth About Tongues

Did you know that the Dead Sea Scrolls talk about the same tongues of fire that are mentioned in Acts chapter 2? Did you know that Enoch and Philo mention them as well? If you’ve ever wondered whether or not the gift of tongues is for today, then this...

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The Power of Patience Teaching

Did you know that the Bible says there is one single attribute that if practiced will allow a person to have complete control over every single member of his body? And according to Luke 21:19 that attribute is patience. If you struggle with patience...

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Where Did The Name “Jesus” Come From

Pastor Jim goes through linguistic history and shows where the name “Jesus” came from. Starting with the original Hebrew, then going through the Greek and ending with the English. This teaching dispels any and all myths revolving around the English...

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