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Category: 2021 Elul

2021 Elul – Day 10

In this episode, Pastor Jim talks about how to share your faith with someone else with respect while allowing them to maintain the dignity that they see themselves in their own mind. It is critical that we share our beliefs with others, but we need...

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2021 Elul – Day 6

Pastor Jim continues the 29 days Elul journey with Day 6. In this short episode, he opens up the scriptures and reveals a tried and true biblical strategy on how to get past your past by opening up the channels of empathy toward others.

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2021 Elul – Day 5

Have you ever wondered how to truly let go and let God? During this 29 day series on repentance and the month of Elul, Jim dives into Genesis 22 and explains how the binding of Isaac is very similar to how we are to let go of what is holding us back...

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2021 Elul – Day 4

Join Jim Staley as he continues discussing how to be set free from your past so you can maximize your full potential in Him! This episode is day 4 in a 29 day series on the Hebrew month of Elul and the power of Teshuva (returning) to our King and preparing...

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2021 Elul – Day 3

Have you ever struggled with getting over your past and dealing with all the hurts from yesterday? In this third episode in our preparation for the high holy days of the fall, Jim Staley will present a formula straight from the life of Abraham on how...

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2021 Elul – Day 2

Join Pastor Jim Staley as he continues his nightly series on the month of Elul, Teshuva (returning/repentance), and preparing to meet our King. This evening he focuses on a traditional reading during this time, Psalm 27.

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2021 Elul – Day1

This is the first day of a 29-day live broadcast where Jim Staley breaks down what Teshuvah (repentance/returning) is all about. Learn how the word “repentance” is etymologically connected to the word “give” and how we as believers...

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