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Category: 2021 Elul

2021 – Elul Day 19

Follow along with Pastor Jim Staley as he tackles the difficult topic of what does it mean to “fear God?’ Does it mean to have reverence? Does it mean to be afraid? Find out in this episode and learn how to grow closer to your King!

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2021 Elul – Day 18

In this episode, Jim Staley talks about what Proverbs 25:2 really means when it says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings to search it out.”

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2021 Elul – Day 16

Pastor Jim Staley continues the month of Elul by switching gears and unpacking the Covenant of the Circumcision and how it relates to nullifying our will to receive and preparing us for the coming fall feast days.

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2021 Elul – Day 14

Join Pastor Jim Staley as he continues his 29 days nightly broadcast on the month of Elul. In this broadcast, he throws out a challenge that quite possibly might be the most difficult challenge you have ever faced on this topic of annulling the will...

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2021 Elul – Day 13

Jim continues the month of Elul and Teshuvah (returning) series with one of the deepest topics yet: knowing and understanding the name of God (YHWH) as it relates to repentance, returning, and restoration. Don’t miss this one!

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2021 Elul – Day 12

In this broadcast Pastor Jim discusses what it means to be clothed by the glory of the Creator and how faith is the conduit to make that happen. He breaks down for us what it means to annul the will to receive so that it can set us up to properly display...

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2021 Elul – Day 11

Jim continues his 29 days Elul journey with Day 11. In this episode he continues the concept of living above reason and drills down into why the Creator allows us to descend at times in our lives and just how He uses those times to catapult us into...

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