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Category: 2021 Elul

2021 Elul Day 29

This is the FINAL DAY of Elul and Pastor Jim does a quick recap and then shares some VERY powerful written and video testimonies of how this series has impacted people’s lives around the globe.

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2021 Elul Day 28

As we come to the Second to last night of this Elul journey, Pastor Jim opens up Joshua chapter 3 and makes an emotional plea to cross your own Jordan River and leave the stone of offense and the weight of your burden in the river behind you. We all...

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2021 – Elul Day 26

As we count down the 29 days of Elul each night, the Spirit chose to zoom in on the word humility tonight. Follow along with Pastor Jim as he explains from the Hebraic perspective exactly what the word humility means in the original language and how...

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2021 – Elul Day 24

Jim Staley brings in the 24th night of Elul by continuing through the fourth chapter of Philippians. While the conversation last night revolved around being gentle, tonight the Holy Spirit highlighted the word “anxiety.” How do we be less...

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2021 – Elul Day 23

In this evening’s broadcast, Pastor Jim continues his series on Teshuvah (returning) and preparing to meet the Lord by focusing on one of the fruits of the Spirit-gentleness. So open up your Bible to Philippians chapter 4 and hear what the Spirit...

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2021 – Elul Day 22

Tonight is the 22nd night of Elul and Pastor Jim breaks down one of the most important words when it comes to relationships: Respect. Although you might think you know what it means, you will no doubt be surprised when you find out just how amazing...

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