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  • Shemini


Eighth — שְּׁמִינִי

  • Shemini and the Number 8

  • Shemini Lev. 9:1 - 11:47

  • Shemini


Profane Fire Makes Crispy Critters

This week’s portion is called Shemini, which means “eighth.” It comes from the opening part of this parsha where it talks about the priests being inaugurated on the eighth day. And although there is much to be said about that and how it’s connected to us being inaugurated as priests on the prophetic eighth day […]

Sh'mini (Eighth)

I know I say this a lot, but this week’s Torah portion is one of my favorites to talk about. This is the portion that’s all about something new. Adam lost the priesthood when he sinned in the Garden of Eden. Since then, every historical event of the Bible led up to the inaugural moment […]

No Pain, No Gain

I have really been pressing into the Lord and doing a lot more praying and fasting than normal over this past winter. Apparently, a bit too much as I didn’t realize that I’ve lost almost 15 pounds and am back to my high school weight. I felt like before I turned into a prune completely, […]
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