End of Age – What is the Millennial Kingdom

Pastor Jim Staley teaches part 6 of his End of the Age series, “What is the Millennial Kingdom?” In all of Biblical prophecy, few topics are more misunderstood and controversial than the Millennial Kingdom. Will the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), literally reign on earth for a thousand years immediately after His Second Coming? Is the Millennial Kingdom spoken of in the Book of Revelation metaphorical? When does the Millennial Kingdom take place? Is it already here? In this sixth part of our end-times prophecy series, End of the Age, Pastor Jim Staley discusses the three main viewpoints concerning the Millennial Kingdom. You will learn all about when this event occurs on God’s prophetic timeline, how the Bible describes this incredible Messianic era, who will be part of this Kingdom, and much more! Knowing what the Bible teaches about the Millennial Kingdom is vital to understanding Biblical prophecy, but you’ll also be amazed to discover just how much this subject impacts your own life! Published September 16, 2015

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