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Category: Torah Portions

The Prophetic Call of Manasseh

Jim Staley brings forth a POWERFUL and prophetic connection of how Manasseh and Ephraim relate to the End Days Revival. Understanding the REAL reason why Jacob crossed his hands when he blessed the two sons of Joseph and how that blessing is still...

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Pastor Jim Staley teaches on the Torah Portion “Korach”. What is Spiritual Authority? Is it arrogance? Is it being self-appointed or rank? Or rather, is it through humility, through serving and accepting Yahweh’s will for your life...

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Shemini – The Power of 8

Have you always wondered why the number eight is so important in the Bible? Did you know that in Hebrew the number eight is connected to new beginnings? Have you been waiting for YOUR new beginning but just haven’t been able to grasp what God...

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Nitzavim – Ones Standing

Pastor Jim teaches on the Torah Portion called Nitzavim, which is Hebrew for “ones standing.” In this portion, Moses tells the Israelites that they stand before God to enter into Covenant. Moses talks about repentance and the choice between life and...

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Ki Tavoh – When You Enter

This week’s Torah Portion is called Ki Tavo, which is Hebrew for “When you enter.” It is the 50th weekly Torah Portion in the annual cycle. Pastor Jim Staley discusses the Festival of first fruits, tithing, and the blessings for obedience and curses...

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Ki Tavoh – Stones In the Wall

All Yahweh’s people are stones in the wall, regardless of shape or size, with a foundation of Yeshua, the Word of God! Pastor Jim teaches on this week’s Torah portion, “Ki Tavo” (Hebrew for “when you enter”).

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Ki Tetze – When You Go – 2014

Pastor Jim Staley preaches on the Torah Portion “Ki Tetze”, which means “When You Go”. This portion consists of laws governing protocols for war, wayward children, marriage, mixtures, etc. Several difficult passages contained...

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