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Category: Power of Prayer

How to Enter God’s Presence

How do I get into the presence of God? That question has been asked by countless people from every tribe and tongue and from every generation throughout time. For modern Christians, if we feel good in a worship service we say that we were in the presence...

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Where’s Your Refuge

Deep within the text of the six Biblical cities of refuge lies a concealed message, a secret memo that speaks to our lives today. These cities, established as places of sanctuary and protection for ancient Israel, offer more than historical significance;...

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The Power of Intention & New Birth

Today, Pastor Jim dives into the book of Exodus and unveils where new birth really comes from BEING INTENTIONAL! In this week’s Torah portion, Shemot (Exodus), we begin to take a turn in the story of the Israelites toward the beginning of their freedom....

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Tear Down The High Places

It’s time to tear down the high places in our lives. It’s time that we stop settling for a second best, and start pursuing His best. Are you tired of struggling with the same old sins? It just might be because you are visiting the high places. In this...

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The Sound of FREEDOM!

In this podcast, Jim and Cheryl Staley describe the impact the movie Sound of Freedom had on them and their family. They give their honest review of the movie and don’t hold back their frustration with the sexualization of our children worldwide...

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Power of Prayer – Pt 1

Nehemiah Prayer Challenge ─ Part 1 Do you pray? Really pray? Pastor Jim Staley shares a powerful message on the importance of prayer. We are in a war. It’s time to wake up and quit despising the supernatural.

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