Vayigash – Character of Joseph

Pastor Jim Staley teaches on the Torah Portion Vayigash. We often look at Moses, David, and Yeshua as Biblical examples of true leaders, but what about Joseph? From the arrogant tone he takes with his brothers, to getting thrown in a well and imprisoned, it wouldn’t seem very logical to refer to Joseph as a good example of a successful leader! But in this teaching, Pastor Jim Staley digs deep into the scriptures to reveal several key attributes of Joseph’s character that will undoubtedly put him near the top of the list of great Biblical leaders. Are you looking for sound Biblical strategies for dealing with relational conflicts and personal hardships? Do you need restoration with friends or family that have harmed you? Is there a lingering grudge in your past that hasn’t come to a peaceable resolution? Then this teaching is for YOU! Please watch and be blessed! Dec 31, 2014

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