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Category: Torah Portions

Emor – Should We Wear Tzitziyot?

In this message, Pastor Jim Staley teaches on the significance of the color blue and draws some very interesting parallels between what science tells us about light/color and the role of God’s people on earth. He also discusses an amazing biblical...

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Shemini – Holiness Today

This is a very Spirit-inspired message of how the anointing of the High Priest and the required holiness laws relate to us today as believers. If you have any kind of ongoing struggle with any kind of sin, this message will give you a fresh perspective...

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Yitro – Leadership Advise

Pastor Jim teaches on Exodus 18 — where Moses’ father-in-law Yitro (“Jethro”) gives some of the best advice for leadership in the entire Bible; and Exodus 19 — how to build a holy nation following the one true God, Yahweh

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Va’era – The Seven “I Wills”

This teaching is a “Must watch”! Jim starts off and explains the tremendous significance between how the Father revealed Himself to the Patriarchs as El Shaddai and to Moses now as Yahweh. He then goes through the 7 “I wills”...

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