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Category: Promo Videos

2023 – Behind the Scenes

It is without a doubt that we have been BLESSED to work with ‘Passion For Truth’, and we’re immensely grateful for your unwavering support throughout this incredible time. As a valued part of our community, we’re excited to...

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Make Way!

To watch the song with lyrics: We are thrilled to invite you to the official presentation of our daughter, Sierra Staley’s brand-new prophetic song titled “Make Way.” In this exclusive interview, we will...

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Promo Video – All About Passover

When in history was Passover outlawed and Easter was adopted to take it’s place? Why did the blood of the lamb have to be placed only at the threshold? What day did the Messiah actually die and rise from the dead? What is the connection with...

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Promo Video – Trinity on Trial

How exactly does the Bible describe the nature of God, the nature of Messiah, the Holy Spirit, and the “Word”? Join Pastor Jim Staley as he takes an in-depth look at this topic by going verse-by-verse through the Hebrew Scriptures and defining...

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Promo Video – If My People

How many times have you heard the statement, “It’s not about religion, it’s about a personal relationship?” Did you know that that statement is almost unbiblical? Our walk with The Father is definitely a relationship; however, it’s not a “personal”...

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Promo Video – Fear Not!

Scripture describes fear as a trap and even a form of slavery. In fact, most of the negative emotions that we experience in life are ultimately the result of fear and anxiety. It’s no wonder that Satan, the adversary, often exploits these weaknesses...

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Promo Video – Who Is the Bride

In this 3-part series, Pastor Jim Staley uncovers the characteristics of the Bride of Christ and draws amazing prophetic connections throughout Scripture about the greatest love story of all time. You all be challenged like never before to truly seek...

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Promo Video – Shalom in the Home

Countless marriages have been encouraged, restored, and, in some cases, completely rebuilt from separation and divorce as a result of this series. This powerful teaching will revolutionize your marriage on every level and is the answer to what you...

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Promo Video – And He Rested

In a culture where businesses are open 24 hours a day, fast food is a regular diet and most families have both spouses working around the clock just to make ends meet, a day of rest is not even on the radar for most Christian households. With the Sabbath...

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