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Category: Passion Points

Apology From The Heart

A PERSONAL NOTE FROM JIM STALEY: Although many people believe it is unnecessary for me to do such a video due to just how long ago the events took place, I believe that it is important to go above and beyond to make things right, especially during...

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Is it a Sin to Curse?

Is it a Sin to Curse? Can Christians Cuss? Discovering the Power of Your Words – Jim Staley Is it a sin to curse as a Christian? Is it wrong to cuss? In this provocative teaching, Jim Staley pulls out the scriptures and walks through the Bible...

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The Value of Having Enemies

What if we start seeing our struggles today as training or practice for everything we’re learning? We could master the areas where we deal the most with our flesh, continue to level up spiritually and strengthen our relationship with God. The...

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It’s Time For A New Spirit (Shelach)

How do you obtain favor from God? How can you know for sure that you will be promoted by Him? What is the actual process of being promoted? In this teaching, you will not only learn how to be promoted in His Kingdom, but more importantly, you will...

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Passion Points – The Two Edge Sword

Putting love back into the truth of the Law is the essence of Yeshua’s ministry, teaching us that we need the Holy Spirit to guide us in following God’s instructions for a sanctified life. It is crucial that in our witness of the Gospel...

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