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Category: LIVE

Apology From The Heart

A PERSONAL NOTE FROM JIM STALEY: Although many people believe it is unnecessary for me to do such a video due to just how long ago the events took place, I believe that it is important to go above and beyond to make things right, especially during...

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Is it a Sin to Curse?

Is it a Sin to Curse? Can Christians Cuss? Discovering the Power of Your Words – Jim Staley Is it a sin to curse as a Christian? Is it wrong to cuss? In this provocative teaching, Jim Staley pulls out the scriptures and walks through the Bible...

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The Sound of FREEDOM!

In this podcast, Jim and Cheryl Staley describe the impact the movie Sound of Freedom had on them and their family. They give their honest review of the movie and don’t hold back their frustration with the sexualization of our children worldwide...

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It’s Time To Get On The Track!

Jim Staley goes live after being woken up by the Lord and just shares his heart–raw and unfiltered. Please consider partnering with us and paying it forward to others by donating at or texting PayitForward to 801801

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