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Category: LIVE

Passover Demonstration 2024

Gather around the table for a transformative Passover Seder demonstration by Jim Staley, where the ancient traditions of the festival converge with profound spiritual insights, enriching the lives of families in ways they never imagined. Through engaging...

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Past Prison and Prophecy

Don’t miss this exclusive interview with Jim Staley conducted by Jennifer Bagnaschi, where Jim opens up about his personal testimony, including his past experiences, and dives deep into profound discussions about Bible prophecy, the significance...

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Introduction to 2024 Eclipse

The *2024 eclipse* is upon us, and we *NEED TO UNDERSTAND* the prophetic implications! ….Join Pastor Jim Staley as he presents need-to-know introductory comments on the coming solar eclipse and what it may imply for believers in Messiah today. He will...

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How to Enter Holy of Holies

Is it your desire to have perfect peace in your life? How do we get into the Holy of Holies with God to experience that shalom? In this teaching you will learn the formula that the ancient Levitical priests understood when they wanted to enter into...

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What is a Covenant Sacrifice?

Do you know what it means to be in covenant? Do you know what the first requirement is by God in order to be in covenant? In this teaching you will learn the real truth of what it takes to begin a covenant with both God and with others. Understanding...

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Where’s Your Refuge

Deep within the text of the six Biblical cities of refuge lies a concealed message, a secret memo that speaks to our lives today. These cities, established as places of sanctuary and protection for ancient Israel, offer more than historical significance;...

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2023 – Behind the Scenes

It is without a doubt that we have been BLESSED to work with ‘Passion For Truth’, and we’re immensely grateful for your unwavering support throughout this incredible time. As a valued part of our community, we’re excited to...

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Learn more about the war in Israel straight from the people that are living there. Join me as I interview Tommy Waller from HaYovel Ministries and Rabbi Yehuda Glick, former Knesset member and founder of Shalom Jerusalem Foundation as we seek the truth...

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24 Priestly Divisions Hidden Messge

Embark on an intriguing journey with us as we uncover a remarkable discovery within the ancient temple’s 24 priestly divisions! The Bible reveals a secret message concealed within these courses, unveiling a powerful connection to God’s...

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The Power of Intention & New Birth

Today, Pastor Jim dives into the book of Exodus and unveils where new birth really comes from BEING INTENTIONAL! In this week’s Torah portion, Shemot (Exodus), we begin to take a turn in the story of the Israelites toward the beginning of their freedom....

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