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Category: AMA

AMA Easter vs Passover

Join us live this Saturday April 1st at 11 am CST, as we discuss all things EASTER and PASSOVER. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty about Easter eggs, blood over door posts, the Passover Lamb, and so much more! Please consider partnering with...

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AMA – Halloween Edition

With Christians all over the world celebrating Halloween, it’s time that we get to the bottom of this debate. Should Christians celebrate any form of Halloween? In this Ask Me Anything (AMA) program, I will be answering any and all questions...

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No Pleasure On the Sabbath?

Jim Staley uncovers the real meaning of Isaiah 58:13 which says we cannot do our own pleasure on the Sabbath. Is God really saying that we can’t do anything on the Sabbath that brings us pleasure? But what if I find pleasure in reading the Word...

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