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Category: 10 Commandments

The REAL Meaning of the 8th Commandment

Are we stealing the heart and the mind of others? The Eighth Commandment says that we shall not steal, but are we sure we know exactly what that means? In this teaching, Jim goes deep into the Hebrew context and reveals just how much all of us are...

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The REAL meaning of the 6th Commandment

After uncovering the true meaning of the first five commandments, Jim Staley dives into the Hebraic culture, context, and language that makes up the sixth commandment. In this teaching, Jim not only uncovers the real meaning of the sixth commandment,...

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The REAL Meaning Of The 5th Commandment

Are you sure you know how to honor your parents? What is honor anyway? In this short teaching, Jim dives into the ancient Hebrew to discover some interesting parallels that will help both parents and children alike draw closer to one another and to...

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The REAL Meaning of the 4th Commandment

After a 1700 year old cover up by the Roman Church, Jim Staley reveals in this short teaching exactly where it happened, why it happened, and what the original meaning of the fourth commandment actually is. Be prepared to be shocked about what you’ve...

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The REAL Meaning Of The 2nd Commandment

Are you SURE you know what the REAL meaning of the 2nd commandment is? In this series, I break down exactly how the ancient Hebrew language and context affects the real meaning of each commandment. While we may not be carving idols anymore, we are...

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The REAL Meaning Of The 1st Commandment

Are you sure you know the real meaning of the first commandment? Jim Staley unpacks the ancient Hebrew understanding of what God really meant when He said not to have any other gods before Him. The real meaning just might surprise you! This is the...

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