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  • 2024 Passover Schedule

  • The Prophetic Power of Passover

    Discover the POWER of Passover like never before during the opening night from our LIVE conference, “Passion For Passover,” with Pastor Jim Staley.

    Prepare to uncover the profound prophetic connections embedded within this ancient feast and our Messiah Yeshua. From the Exodus to the Last Supper, discover how every element of Passover holds a rich tapestry of meaning that transcends time and connects events that will be reflected in God’s Salvation plan for mankind!


    Step into the captivating world of archaeology with Eli Shukron, a distinguished figure in the realm of Israeli archaeology, as he unveils the treasures of his illustrious 20-year career. Renowned for his expertise and dedication, Shukron’s archaeological endeavors have unearthed some of the most awe-inspiring discoveries, offering glimpses into ancient Biblical stories and unlocking the mysteries buried beneath layers of time!


    Gather around the table for a transformative Passover Seder demonstration by Jim Staley, where the ancient traditions of the festival converge with profound spiritual insights, enriching the lives of families in ways they never imagined.

    Through engaging storytelling and thoughtful reflection, the demonstration highlights how Jesus (Yeshua), as the ultimate Passover Lamb, fulfilled the ancient prophecies and ushered in a new covenant of salvation and freedom. His life, death, and resurrection take on new meaning as participants connect the dots between the Old Testament foreshadowings, and the New Testament fulfillment!

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