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Category: 2024 Eclipse

You Should Be Concerned!

The *CERN* Hadron Collider will be fired up on April 8th in an effort to create dark matter and discover the history of the universe… *NASA* is sending up three rocket ships during the solar eclipse with a mission named after the Egyptian serpent deity,...

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2024 Solar Eclipse and Prophecy

This solar eclipse could be THE SOLAR ECLIPSE that unleashes one of the seals of Revelation. I wasn’t a believer at first, but after hundreds of hours of research, I am literally in awe of all the “coincidences.” DO NOT miss this, whatever you do!...

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Introduction to 2024 Eclipse

The *2024 eclipse* is upon us, and we *NEED TO UNDERSTAND* the prophetic implications! ….Join Pastor Jim Staley as he presents need-to-know introductory comments on the coming solar eclipse and what it may imply for believers in Messiah today. He will...

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