Taking Back Our Faith

Pastor Jim Staley teaches on taking back our faith! Are you tired of people that are not walking in His Spirit and His Ways branding and defining your faith? Well…it’s time to TAKE BACK OUR FAITH, TAKE BACK OUR FAMILIES and TAKE BACK OUR INHERITANCE and get back to the very roots of our faith. So, Welcome to the Christian Roots Movement! A movement to get back to the roots of who we once were 38,000 denominations ago and worship Him in SPIRIT and TRUTH before all the doctrines and traditions of man were added. A Movement to restore marriages, families and to light on fire the hearts of men to go deeper into the Word like never before. A movement teaching the power of the “front of the book” and how it is lived out with the Love of the Messiah from the “back of the book”. It’s the place where Worship, Prophecy, Spirit, and Truth UNITE through a community of believers committed to sharing the gospel of Christ to the Nations and living out the message of His Word through love. It’s time we get back to the Roots of Christianity and TAKE BACK OUR FAITH! Published on Sep 10, 2013

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