Discovering New Life From the Depths of Despair ─ Ki Tavo

Have you ever wondered why the Bible says to consider it “pure joy” when we face trials? How is that even possible? God is the potter and we are the clay. When God puts us on the potter’s wheel, He sometimes comes across a lump of jealousy, selfishness, pride, or other desires of the flesh. Indeed, when we surrender our lives to God and begin to walk in His ways, He exposes those impurities in us. And He often does that through trials and tribulations. In this message, Pastor Jim Staley teaches on the Torah Portion Ki Tavo, which means “When you enter.”. You will learn about the laws of first fruits and the blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. Afterwards, Pastor Jim teaches on how the “potter’s wheel” of life is designed by God to crush us and form us into the image of Yeshua (Jesus). Therefore, we should consider it “pure joy” to face trials. Don’t ask God to take His hands away. Ask God to take you where you need to be no matter the cost. We hope you’re blessed by this message!

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