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If you are a Dad, a husband, a single mom, or any family leader, and you are wanting to learn how to lead your family on Shabbat in your own home church, then this is for you! Tonight starts the first training in how to lead your family on Shabbat in your own Shabbat service. In this week’s session, you will learn all about the power of the atmosphere, how to create it, how to create respect in your home, and what you need to do to prepare your family for Shabbat.
The Family Court System


Pastor Jim Staley leads family leaders from all over the world in week 2 of the L.E.A.D. program. In this week’s training, he challenges leaders in what the real definition of leadership is and dives deep into what he calls, The Family Court System. This system brings a sense of structure in the home, allows everyone to have a voice, and puts the focus back on faith in the true Supreme Court Judge Himself.

Cleansing of the Leper


This week’s teaching centers around what it means to be clean and unclean and how that relates to both YHWH and our fellow man. The main concept is to discuss how we become unclean before the Lord and how we can come back into right alignment with Him and those around us.

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