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What a Sukkot!-Another Person Gets Saved!

This has been one unbelievable week. Just two weeks ago on the same day my brother passed away, Mr. T gave his life to the Lord and has been on fire ever since. Today, on the eighth day, the last great day of the Feast, another guy gave his life to the Lord…right in the […]

Incredible Second Day of Sukkot! Part 2 – Chiseled in the Spirit

Not only was OB super blessed by the revelation that the Spirit gave him, but I was also blessed as well. My blessing started back in Israel with a close friend of mine who works with archaeologists and is an expert on the history of the House of David. After we finished filming for the […]

Incredible Second Day of Sukkot! Part 1

Today was simply incredible as there are no other words to describe it. I decided I was going to go down to the sukkah today and spend time with the Lord through prayer, reading and just meditating on His greatness. I didn’t know that O.B. was planning on doing the same thing. So we ended […]

No More Port-A-Potty Sukkah!

Today was one of the most amazing days I’ve had since I’ve been here. It was the first day of Sukkot and we had an incredible time celebrating it as a group. Last year, we had to share the sukkah the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) provided with the rabbi that’s here. That didn’t work out […]

The Feast of Tabernacles Part 4

The Light of the World The Feast of Sukkot, or Tabernacles, is known by and encompasses many different attributes. One of the most powerful and often overlooked attributes is the Feast’s connection to light. Light is one of those staple items that finds itself vital in both the natural and spiritual world. From day one […]

The Feast of Tabernacles Part 3

The Water Libation Ceremony This ceremony is quite possibly one of the most powerful and incredibly prophetic ceremonies in all of biblical times: the water libation ceremony. It happened during the Feast of Sukkot and was unquestionably the most popular part of the week-long celebration. As a matter of fact, the ancient Jewish sages emphatically […]

The Feast of Tabernacles Part 2

When Was Jesus Born? First of all, why is this even an important question? Well, how well would it go for you to celebrate your spouse’s birthday, or one of your kids’ birthdays, on the wrong day? Worse yet, what if you chose to celebrate your wife’s birthday on the same day as one of […]

The Feast of Tabernacles Part 1

The Feast of Sukkot, better known as the Feast of Tabernacles. What is it? Where did it come from? And how does it apply to us today as believers in Jesus/Yeshua? This eight-day holiday is many people’s favorite. It’s a time of celebration, remembrance, feasting, and extended fellowship. Where traditional, modern-day Christians get excited about […]

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