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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Part 1

Let’s say a friend of yours has something tragic happen to them. Their spouse leaves, or they lose a child, or the one making the only income for the family loses their job. You hear what happened and find yourself wondering why. They’re good people! Why did this happen to them? There can be little […]

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Part 2

In part one of this teaching we discussed the fact that the number one rule of the character of the Creator is that He is benevolent. He is good and good all the time. We explained how there is no want within Him and He therefore has no need to receive anything as He is […]

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Part 3

After discovering the Creator’s motive for allowing traumatic experiences into our lives and realizing the importance of legal jurisdiction in this matter, we can now move toward the finish line. In this final part, we’ll diagram all we’ve discussed so far and then move quickly into the seven steps that we must all take when […]

Lunar Sabbath

The Sabbath is not based on the moon. There is no such thing as a lunar Sabbath on God’s calendar. There are many ways to disprove this false teaching and someday I will write an article on this topic. The Sabbath is literally impossible to keep from a lunar counting method as there are not […]

Public Challenge

I recently was “publicly challenged” on something that was said in one of my articles. And although I and many others strongly disagree with how Christ is portrayed through “publicly challenging” someone instead of privately going to them, addressing them personally in comments, or simply inquiring for more info first before attacking, I can still […]

The Power of Being in Hot Water!

Submitting to the “190” We’ve all heard the expression “He’s in hot water.” And all of us have been in hot water at one time or another. Furthermore – and I think it’s safe for me to say this – most of us don’t like it and do everything we can to avoid it! Nevertheless, […]

Melchizedek Two-Book Theory Refuted: Part 3

I spent a considerable amount of time in the first two parts of this series refuting the claim that there is such a thing as the Book of the Law (BOL) and the Book of the Covenant (BOC). Those who believe this claim say that the BOC and the BOL are two entirely different books […]

Melchizedek Two-Book Theory Refuted: Part 2

In the first part of this series, we took the time to unpack the two-book theory and refute some of its basic tenants. We spent time proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the terms “Book of the Law,” “Book of the Covenant,” “Law of Moses,” “Law of God,” and “the Law” are all […]

Melchizedek Two-Book Theory Refuted: Part 1

Book of the Law vs. Book of the Covenant: Are they two separate books? Those of you who have come into the Hebraic roots of your faith and have embraced the “front of the Book,” as I like to call it, have come to appreciate and love the Torah and its incredible connections to both […]

The Position of the Creator and the Creature

In order for there to be proper harmony in a relationship, religious or otherwise, there must be a correct order in it. Any time the proper order is challenged or gets out of balance, the relationship is in jeopardy. In the same way, if we do not understand the difference between who the Creator is […]

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