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Only Two Commandments to Obey?

Here is a great question that came in through Facebook: “My pastor tells me that Jesus only told us to keep the two greatest commandments and that Jesus had nothing to do with the Torah. He says that Jesus was the word of John 1:1. What do I say to him?”


The Lord has laid upon my heart to write about inheritance today. When an individual receives an inheritance, they receive something that is valuable and is worthy of redemption and is meant to be used beyond the person’s death. The inheritance is of great value. Whoever has given such a gift has a means for […]

Was Balaam a Prophet of God?

Prophets for hire, talking donkeys, seemingly schizophrenic instructions from Yahweh, and blessings coming from a rogue prophet hired to curse Israel. There is no doubt that a cursory look at the Balaam narrative can leave us scratching our heads in many regards. Is Balaam a good guy, a bad guy, or a former good guy […]

Laws of Communication – Part 5

How to be a better parent, teacher and minister. What is your goal when you’re trying to teach someone something? If you’re a minister, what are you trying to accomplish when your sermon is over? If you’re a parent who’s trying to teach your children how to navigate life and serve God, what does that […]

Laws of Communication – Part 4

How to be a better parent, teacher and minister. A teacher’s job is to communicate, but doing so effectively often seems to be our biggest problem. The Latin word for communication is communiswhich means to have something in common. In other words, in order to communicate with those we’re trying to teach we need to […]

Laws of Communication – Part 3

How to be a better parent, teacher, and minister –The Law of Activity One of the biggest mistakes we make as teachers – and everyone is someone’s teacher – is that we forget what our main goal is. Sometimes we spend so much time speaking and doing our best to impress those we’re trying to […]

Laws of Communication – Part 2

The Second Law of Communication The second law of communication is: The way people learn determines how you teach. It’s not enough to decide that you’ll teach the way you learn or the way that’s most comfortable to you. In order to be an effective teacher, you must first discover what the best way is […]

Laws of Communication – Part 1

Do you ever feel like your kids never get what you’re trying to teach them? Are you frustrated because you keep telling them what’s right and what’s wrong but they keep doing the wrong thing? If you’re a minister, do you feel like your congregation keeps going in circles and you can’t seem to get […]

Remember This! Zakar!

Have you ever walked into a room and completely forgotten why? Sure you have. We all have. Forgetting things seems to be a common illness for us humans. So much so that there are countless products on the market to help improve memory. We are amazed by and jealous of those that have photographic memories. […]

No Beards? No Way!

Almost inevitably when a man tells his friend that he believes in the Torah, that friend responds with something like, “If you’re following Torah then why do you shave? God told the Israelites that they weren’t allowed to cut their beards.” If I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. The passage that […]

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