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Let Them Steal!

Have you ever felt like Pharaoh after the land of Egypt had been ravished by plagues? I know I have. I will never forget that back in 2015, about a month or two into my prison sentence, I came back to my cell only to find it completely destroyed. I had already lost everything I […]

Stop Using the Root Hammer!

Do we have the right to “fix” everyone’s doctrine if it doesn’t line up with what we believe? Should we be actively following people online–or approaching our family and friends–with the intention of pointing out all their mistakes and doctrinal errors? Has the Hebrew Roots Movement gone from a body of people being moved by […]

All You Need Is Grace

I used to cringe when I heard Bible teachers use that phrase. Usually it was because what followed was a sermon on how you can’t do anything to please God, or you don’t have to do anything to earn His favor, or you don’t have to worry about how you live because everything is covered […]

How to Deal with Public Shame

Public shame is sadly a real thing. It is something that is so easy to do, and sometimes it is done unintentionally. A lot of times, however, it is something people use to cover up something that they don’t want to see, hear, or believe because it will hurt their pride or beliefs. Have you […]

I’m Right, You’re Wrong…Now What?

Okay. So we probably don’t say the title of this article in those exact words, but I can bet you we sometimes think it when we’re in the middle of a heated debate with someone we strongly disagree with! There seems to be more arguing, slander, gossip, and mean-spirited talk among those who consider themselves […]

The Greatest Teacher, Failure Is

Yoda, Star Wars: The Last Jedi They just showed the latest Star Wars film here. This quote from it hit me hard. There are so many spiritual parallels to the biblical record in the Star Wars franchise: how we fight not against flesh and blood but against spiritual principalities in high places, the force being […]

Putting Life Back Into Life: Part 4

We’ve come to the final part in this series in the hope of putting life back into our lives and putting back the shattered pieces of the beautiful glass menagerie of our past. The only item left on our agenda is to deal with our own Personal Liabilities and then, from there, we can rewrite […]

Putting Life Back Into Life: Part 3

Are you ready to put a little more life into your life and be healed of what’s holding you back from being all you know you can be in Christ? Then let’s get started. At this point, you should have filled out the three parts of your history that I had you create from Part […]

Putting Life Back into Life Part 2

GENERATIONAL LIABILITIES The bible says right in the Ten Commandments that the sins of the father can visit the children to the third and fourth generation. God is very clear that there is a DNA transfer at birth of not just physical traits but in every other category, as well. These “generational curses” are very […]

Putting LIFE Back into Life: Part 1

If all is well, why am I like this? Have you ever thought that thought or said those words about yourself or your situation? I certainly have. After all, if you are a child of God and the Holy Spirit is supposed to be living inside you, then why do you feel so frustrated, angry, […]

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