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In the Likeness of God

Why is it that so many professed believers feel like God is so distant from them? Why do people across this beautiful planet feel as though God is somewhere “way out there” and that there’s a huge gulf between Him and them? How is it possible for us to feel like we’re far from our […]

Sowing Seeds of Talent

I just recently attended a Messianic Youth Camp in Anadarko, Oklahoma called Camp Yeshua in the summer of 2017. I was a part of the staff, but I also got to participate in all the activities. The theme this year was “multiply”. Each day we talked about a different topic that related back to the […]

Putting Life Back Into Life: Part 4

We’ve come to the final part in this series in the hope of putting life back into our lives and putting back the shattered pieces of the beautiful glass menagerie of our past. The only item left on our agenda is to deal with our own Personal Liabilities and then, from there, we can rewrite […]

Putting Life Back Into Life: Part 3

Are you ready to put a little more life into your life and be healed of what’s holding you back from being all you know you can be in Christ? Then let’s get started. At this point, you should have filled out the three parts of your history that I had you create from Part […]

Putting Life Back into Life Part 2

GENERATIONAL LIABILITIES The bible says right in the Ten Commandments that the sins of the father can visit the children to the third and fourth generation. God is very clear that there is a DNA transfer at birth of not just physical traits but in every other category, as well. These “generational curses” are very […]

Putting LIFE Back into Life: Part 1

If all is well, why am I like this? Have you ever thought that thought or said those words about yourself or your situation? I certainly have. After all, if you are a child of God and the Holy Spirit is supposed to be living inside you, then why do you feel so frustrated, angry, […]

Complete Access – No Hindrance

I live in the basement at our house, and the phone service and internet is often very slow. One morning I woke up and got very frustrated that I couldn’t get access to what I needed at the time (I’m not a morning person, so that could be part of the problem, lol). As I […]

The True Meaning of Being Poor in Spirit

In our spiritual journey with the Creator, there can be almost nothing more detrimental or more damaging to hitting our full potential than possessing too much of earth. Mathew 5:3 says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” These words are not just a theological statement but are a […]

Going Behind the Veil

The picture of the temple grounds of ancient Israel is really the picture of our spiritual journeys. There are some who spend their time as Levitical worker bees, making constant sacrifices for God. Then there are some who spend all their time looking into the water of the Word (the Brazen Laver), increasing their knowledge […]

The Image of God Test

TEST: After each question, pick the number from 1-10 that best relates to how you act and write it down. Take it yourself and then if you’re married, have your spouse take it for you to ensure accuracy. 😉 The true or false scale will be given after each question. On many of the questions, […]

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