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Strength to Press Forward?

Strength to Press Forward?

Afraid? Tired? Insecure? Uncertain? Doubtful? If you are the least bit of these things, you need to know that Yahweh never desired for you to go through them. Whatever you may be going through, know that Yahweh is allowing you to go through it for a reason. We may not understand His reasons, but we need to be able to trust and understand that He is in control. He may be allowing you to go through a difficult season to see something that you were never able to see before. Or maybe it’s to help encourage and bless someone else.

Whatever the reason may be we are not to know or care. All we need to care about is Him being pleased and honored through it all. I’ve had so many circumstances when I’ve just felt like giving up. Yahweh showed me through the trials to keep pursuing and pressing forward no matter how much pain it causes. The amount of pain that you go through is how much stronger you will be in the end. Yahweh promises us joy in the morning (Ps. 30:5). If you are afraid, ask God to replace that fear with a sound mind in knowing that you are SECURE in His arms, and that He has you in His loving, merciful, compassionate arms that will never let you stumble or fall.

If you are tired and restless, pray and ask that Yahweh will remove that tired spirit with a renewed, strong spirit that is joyful and thankful. If you are uncertain throughout situations in life, rebuke it and pray that God will help to make you certain that He DOES have a purpose and plan for your life; that nothing is uncertain in His eyes. Everything is pre-conceived in His eyes, and we are not to worry or be uncertain because He has everything in the palm of His hands. If you are doubtful, that is not of Yahweh. Doubting what He says about you, His promises for your life- is like doubting in Yahweh Himself.

We need to have the absolute surety that we were made in His image and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We need to know that whatever comes our way is for our good, even if it doesn’t seem so. Try to look for the good amongst the hard times. If it seems as though God is quiet in your life right now, know that He is never quiet. God is always speaking, always teaching us. Sometimes it takes us a while to actually realize it. Sometimes He backs off a little so that we will search and draw deeper and closer to Him. It becomes a test to see how much we really desire to draw closer to Him- how much we really desire to be in His will. If we are willing to go through the trials and hardships to bring Him glory, then it brings a smile to His face and we will have passed the test.

Passing the test is not easy, by all means. It’s all in how you look at it in the moment. We are supposed to praise Him through the good, and praise Him through the bad. It’s easy to praise when things are going well and life is good. But it’s all too difficult to praise Him when we are going through a really difficult time. We just need to learn to put our complete hope and trust in Him. If we truly desire to be in His will and give Him all the glory in our lives, then we will praise Him in the storm and be okay with where we’re at, because we know that joy will come in the morning. Don’t be afraid. He is always with you, always watching. He knows your hearts desire; He hears your prayers. He catches every single tear. Don’t give up, don’t lose hope. Endure through the pain, suffering and trial. It will not last forever.

Jim Staley

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