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When we look into the mirror, what do we see? Do we see ourselves through our eyes or the way our Heavenly Father sees us? Do we spend enough time with Him to even know what He says about us? Perhaps learning how to think of yourself and your personal life on a deeper level from God’s perspective will help you understand how remarkably valued and treasured you are.

How do we spend our time? Life constantly seems to consume our time. Sometimes it takes up so much of our time that we’re not able to take just a five or ten-minute prayer break. It’s so easy to forget to have our time with God. When our time gets so easily consumed with things that are not of Him, our minds and thoughts begin to think how the world thinks: “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore”, “Everything I do falls flat”, “I feel like a failure.”

Do you know why most of the time when you look at yourself in the mirror, you think such thoughts or worse? The enemy accomplishes three things: steal, kill, and destroy. His tactics to destroy and deceive are high on the scale. But there is a higher power. “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” (Ex. 14:14) Everything you struggle with, every trial, difficulty, or seemingly worthless situation should not weigh upon your heart or mind. The enemy can have a strong hold on your mind. Be mindful and careful whom you let have control. As God’s Word says, He will fight for you. Silence your negative, demeaning, self-condemning thoughts towards yourself and your life. Wake up extra early or stay up a little longer to spend time with your King. The more you soak yourself within His presence you will be reassured by His promises and how He sees us. “Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward.” (Heb. 10:35) Be confident in yourself and who you are through Him.

I chose this picture of a ten-story brick building located in St. Louis because this is what I see and think of as I look into this picture: Sometimes we have too many high expectations of the way we think we need to live our lives. We try so hard to be that successful person who accomplishes all of the goals that we set for ourselves. When we fail, when life doesn’t meet our expectations, we think poorly of ourselves, speaking exactly the opposite of what God says about us. We stand at the top of a brick building looking down and seeing all the obstacles that have gotten in the way of how we’ve perceived our lives to be. Every floor of the building represents every level that we’ve been on throughout life. Each new Spiritual season, He allows us to go to a deeper level with Him if we’re obedient and pursuant of Him.

Each level has a different obstacle that we will face. He wants to see if we are ready to make the right move by first proclaiming what He says about us and how we are valued and loved in His eyes. We need to love ourselves. Not in a prideful way, but in a way where you accept and give glory to God for your strengths and weaknesses. He will help you change. “And in the same way the Spirit does help in our weaknesses…” (Rom. 8:26) The path and expectations of life will become more clear if you perceive things through His eyes.


Jim Staley

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